Living sustainable

Your home or commercial property is connected to the energy system of Warm Hartje Eindhoven. For the supply of heat and cold we use a sustainable and environmentally friendly system: the heat pump. This enables you to heat your home pleasantly when it's colder and to cool it down wonderfully in the hot summer months. Moreover, you always have access to hot tap water.

How the system works

In the summer, cold groundwater is used to cool down your home. This water flows through the floor pipes and gives off cooling. It absorbs the heat from your home. The water that is heated and returned is stored in the soil. In the winter period, the system works in reverse and the hot groundwater is pumped through the pipes of your floors to heat your home. In the case of a commercial space, InWarmte often provides extra cooling from the heat pump. In our manual you will find a detailed description of our energy system.

Manual energy system (Dutch)

Which device does my house have?

In your home or business unit there is a delivery set with a meter for the registration of the consumption of your heat and hot tap water. The combined underfloor heating and floor cooling of your home and the hot water pipes in your home are connected to this set. The manual energy system (Dutch) contains a detailed description of what a delivery set looks like and how it works. There you can also read which pipes are connected to the delivery set. You will also find an instruction in the manual on how to read your consumption of heat and hot tap water on the digital consumption meter at the delivery set. Increased comfort The delivery set produces hot tap water with a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius and a capacity of approximately 10 litres per minute. This capacity corresponds to CW class 5. We call this 'increased comfort'. However, you will have to pay additional fixed costs for this. You can find these costs at our rates. Do you not value the increased comfort and / or want to limit fixed costs? Then you can have the delivery reduced to the standard of 8 litres per minute.


The delivery set, including consumption meter, is owned by Warm Hartje Eindhoven. Everything from the delivery set to the indoor installation is the property of the owner of your home. This is you or your landlord. Handle the delivery set and consumption meter with care. Do not hang or assemble anything above or below the delivery set. The location of the delivery set must be and remain easily accessible, for example for emergencies, malfunctions or for inspection or repair by or on behalf of Warm Hartje Eindhoven. Also make sure that there are no items near the delivery set that could damage the delivery set. Is something damaged or has the seal been broken? Please contact us immediately.

    Manual delivery set (Dutch)    

The indoor installation in your home does not belong to the property of Warm Hartje Eindhoven. However, the indoor installation has a major impact on the functioning of our energy system. That is why we have set conditions that the indoor installation must meet. You can find these conditions on this site. Via the link responsibilities (dutch) you will find information about the underfloor heating and floor cooling available in your home and how you can best deal with this. We also briefly explain the operation of the room thermostat. And we give information about the different types of floor covering. Change, expand or replace? In a house with a connection to our energy system, installing, extending or changing the (floor) heating or a (room) thermostat works just that little bit differently than usual. All changes or additions must comply with our connection conditions. We advise you to have changes to your heating system carried out by or via Warm Hartje Eindhoven or by a recognised installer. He or she can also adjust the adjustment of your entire heating system to the change. Changes to the indoor installation are usually accompanied by the draining of water from the pipes. Because you are not the only one connected to the energy system of Warm Hartje Eindhoven, we ask you to report your plans to us before you make any changes. Then we know that there is no leakage in the system and we can prevent a possible problem with other users.

   responsibilities (dutch)