As with water, telephony and gas, for heat you pay not only for a standing charge or subscription, but also for consumption. Because you often cannot choose from whom to buy your heat and cold, it is important that the price is established carefully.

The Heat Act entered into force on 1 January 2014 for this purpose. The Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) supervises the supply of heat and sets the maximum rates each year before 1 January.

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In general

Het duurzame energiesysteem van Warm Hartje Eindhoven heeft verschillende voordelen. U kunt bijvoorbeeld zonder cv-ketel, boiler of geiser. Dat scheelt geluid en ruimte. Ook krijgt u niet te maken met onverwachte uitgaven voor onderhoud, reparatie of vervanging. En natuurlijk profiteert u van een aangenaam binnenklimaat in de zomer en in de winter. Voor de verwarming van uw woning met ons duurzame energiesysteem hoeft u geen gas te verbranden. Ook voor verkoeling van uw woning hoeft u geen extra maatregelen te nemen. Dit beperkt de uitstoot van schadelijke broeikasgassen zoals CO2. Daarom is uw energiesysteem van Warm Hartje Eindhoven heel milieuvriendelijk. Toch betaalt u gemiddeld voor uw warmte niet meer dan wanneer u een gasaansluiting zou hebben gehad.

The price of heat

De energierekening is voor vrijwel iedereen een belangrijk onderdeel van de maandelijkse lasten. Dat geldt voor stroom en gas maar ook voor warmte en koude. Er is in uw geval slechts één vaste producent en leverancier die de warmte aan u levert, Warm Hartje Eindhoven. Dat betekent dat er geen prijsconcurrentie is en daarom is het belangrijk dat de prijs zorgvuldig tot stand komt. Per 1 januari 2014 is hiertoe de Warmtewet in werking getreden. De Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM) houdt toezicht op de levering van warmte en stelt elk jaar vóór 1 januari de tarieven vast.

The ACM heat tariffs are based on all the costs that a consumer would have to incur to obtain the same heat with a gas connection. As the supply of heat will require electric cooking, the ACM has also included the additional costs of this in the tariff methodology. This so-called 'no more than the other' principle does not apply in all cases. The choice was made to base the maximum price on an average consumer. An average gas consumer is someone with a G6 meter and a combined boiler with HR107 label with comfort class CW4 for hot tap water. In addition, various things have been determined in advance, such as pipe losses, efficiencies for space heating and hot tap water, and the distribution of the heat demand in this case. These may differ from the average consumer for each individual situation, but the rates set by the government/legislator are considered to be the most fair.

The not-more-than-other rate, the maximum price, for the supply of heat consists of a fixed amount (VKw) and an amount per gigajoule of heat consumed (Pw). The maximum price is valid for the whole year and does not change in the interim. The maximum price does not apply to the heat exchanger and the heat meter, delivery set, of Warm Hartje Eindhoven installed in your home. For this you pay a separate measuring rate or rent, fixed to Warm Hartje Eindhoven. This charge does fall within the no-more-than-others-principle for an average consumer as determined by the ACM.

Consumption of cold

At Warm Hartje Eindhoven, you only pay a fixed charge for the cold and consumption is free. The amount of the charge for cold is determined by the developer/landlord of your home in consultation with Warm Hartje Eindhoven. There is therefore a certain connection with the purchase price of your home. We consider the charge for cold as a realistic compensation for the periodic provision of cold. This standing charge for cold is included in the standing charge for the Measurement and Delivery Set.

If you wish (usually also what is present at the first handover of the house), you also pay a fixed fee, a surcharge, for a comfort increase in hot tap water. If you do not wish to pay a comfort increase and hot water surcharge, or if you wish to change the comfort and therefore the surcharge, please let us know via vragen@inwarmte.nl or call our phone number. For the hot water itself, you only pay for the heat (Pw) which is required to prepare hot water per m3. The cold (drinking) water that is heated for this purpose is purchased by you at your water company.

More about the Warmtewet

On the consumer website Consuwijzer you can read more about the Warmtewet and the rates. On this website and on the website of the ACM, you can read more about compensation. This compensation is determined by ministerial regulation and comes into effect in the event of a serious failure in the supply of heat and on repayment arrangements if the goods and services supplied do not meet the agreed quality requirements. The compensation then relates to the heat in the heat network, whereby individual malfunctions caused by, for example, a malfunction/defect in the delivery set not covered by the Warmtewet are excluded from this.

On this website (www.warmhartjeeindhoven.nl), the new tariff sheet applicable to you will be published every year. You will find it at the top of this page. The tariffs are based on the tariffs set by the ACM before 1 January. Tariffs not set by the ACM, such as, for example, the fixed charge for cold weather, any surcharges and other costs shown on the tariff sheet, will be indexed annually on the basis of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This CPI for the year in question will also be provided by the ACM.

Advance payment and final settlement

We will charge you a monthly deposit. This advance consists of the fixed costs (standing charge) and estimated consumption costs. It is impossible for Warm Hartje Eindhoven to properly estimate your consumption, as your consumption depends on many factors. In the case of newly delivered homes, additional consumption must also be taken into account because there is still 'building moisture' in the house that needs to be fired away. You cannot hold Warm Hartje Eindhoven responsible if we have estimated your consumption incorrectly. We are therefore not responsible for possible 'windfalls' or 'setbacks' in your final bill due to incorrectly estimated consumption.

Once a year you will receive a final invoice based on your actual consumption and the applicable rates for the period in question.

  1. Did you pay too much with the monthly advance? Then you get money back.
  2. Have you paid too little? Then you have to pay extra.

You will receive the final invoice automatically. If you move in the meantime, you will receive an interim final statement. The final statement is also the basis for a possible adjusted advance proposal for the following period. It is up to you to make use of this or to choose an advance amount yourself. The price list of Warm Hartje Eindhoven also contains a proposed advance payment based on an average situation. You can best send your personal wishes via email to vragen@inwarmte.nl or use the communicated telephone number.

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